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Posted on 09th March 2018

Songs that you didn’t know Nile Rodgers was involved in

Nile Rodgers is responsible for some of the biggest hits of the last 5 decades, a lot of these you will know of from his time with CHIC such as: Good Times, Le Freak, I Want Your Love, Upside Down, Everybody Dance and so many more!

However, Nile Rodgers has also written, produced and performed many other huge songs and there's some that you might not know about....

Such as:

  • Let's Dance by David Bowie... Nile Rodgers actually helped to produce the entire album back in 1983

  • Get Lucky by Daft Punk... this huge hit features Pharrell Williams and was also co-written by Nile Rodgers who also played guitar on the track

  • We Are Family by Sister Sledge... this song was a collaboration with CHIC and is performed as part of the Nile Rodgers & CHIC tour setlist

  • Notorious by Duran Duran... Nile worked with Duran Duran a lot during the 80s as he produced and performed guitar on their 1986 album Notorious

  • Live A Virgin by Madonna... After being denied by her label to produce her second album, Madonna chose Nile to work with and the collaboration marked one of the most important moments in 20th century Pop

  • I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross... this song was written by Nile and his CHIC partner Bernard Edwards and is also on the Nile Rodgers & CHIC tour setlist

Nile Rodgers & CHIC are performing a headline show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Sunday 24th June, get your tickets HERE

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